Why I, Kali Holmes, love MLM so much.

MLM allows me so much freedom in life. What a fabulous weekend of parading, acting and modeling at Crush Wine Festival. The best part about my network marketing business is the lifestyle it provides me to live my passion rather than living to work. I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and in turn I fulfill mine. Acting and fashion being my passions, I have the flexibility to be able to attend casting calls at the drop of a hat, I don’t have to ask permission from my “boss” to leave work and have a half day off  for castings or even if I may “excuse my self to go to the toilet or lunch!”

Sunday was Crush Wine Festival in the Adelaide Hills. As you may (or may not) know, I frequently model for Liebe Fashion Gallery, owned by my dear friend Cassandra Liebeknecht. She is an amazing stylist and entrepreneur and I just love her events. Our parades are often theatrical and entertaining. For Crush, we were required to parade at Johnston’s Winery Oakbank.

Cass styled our beautiful Rachel’s Model Management Models and I also made an appearance at Tilbrook Estate at Lobethal as the character “Miss Moneypenny” James Bond’s girl. The theme at Tilbrook was James Bond and cleverly named “Licensed To Chill.”  The little story behind this theme originated around the most recent sparkling wine that James has made. James is the owner of Tilbrook Estate with his wife Annabelle.

James Tilbrook’s mother used to work for British Intelligence and in honour of her he named this delicious sparkling wine “Moneypenny.” Rumour has it that James’s phone number even has “007 in it!  James and I had a fabulous afternoon hanging around, in and out of our getaway car, Aston Martin DB9,  and of course welcoming guests with champagne tasting on arrival and sharing an entertaining story or two.

My day all up was spent mingling with new people who are now prospects and expressed interest in my MLM business. While I am enjoying my passions in life, I am working my MLM business. The lifestyle that Network Marketing provides me is freedom to live in my passion and help others to do so as well. Tell me another industry that allows you that kind of freedom to chose when you want to work for the amount of money you would like to make? Didn’t think you could… Network Marketing is the only business that TRULY allows a residual income and the freedom that this type of income provides!

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