How creative are our thoughts? I wanted to share with you today and help you to realize that every thought you have in your conscious mind becomes engrained into your subconscious mind and goes to work to manifest into your reality. Be that a positive or negative thought, your thoughts will 100% manifest into reality so be very specific what it is you ask for. CAUTION: if thinking negatively, these thoughts are geared with more power than positive thoughts and manifest 10X faster, in fact almost so instantly, its scary and adding to that you wont know when they will manifest, but they surely will. Looking back to the positive thoughts, this is why it is absolutely critical that if you are planning a goal for example, lets say that your goal is to make $10,000 a month or to lose 5kg, if you do not set a date and time in which you would like to achieve that goal, you may reach it, but yet again it could be 10yrs time, 10months time or a lifetime, you may never even get there! If you think negatively for example “I cant do this”, “I am such a failure”, “i am so unlucky, nothing great ever comes to me”, “everytime I go to the mail box there are more bills” etc, you WILL CREATE events of this kind in your life. And it will not be pleasant. SO BLOW those thoughts up in your mind, visualize the negative words, images thoughts shattering into a million little pieces or disintegrating like dust so they are no longer available to your subconscious mind for manifestation.

You must be careful of your language use too. For instance if you say to your 10year old child carrying your favorite crystal vase, “don’t drop that, you will break it if your not careful!” Sure enough, the mind focuses on the negative words “ drop, break, not careful” first and 9 times out of 10 what happens? Breakage occurs. Instead I would say “hold onto that vase carefully please” and the childs mind will more often than not focus on “holding carefully”. Get it? Great, now go and focus on the positive parts of your life and change what is negative using positive language. Even if at first it doesn’t seem real/true, your mind doesn’t know the difference, it believes what ever you tell it, that’s why you MUST speak and think with positive thoughts ONLY!

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