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Relationships and Life in Business

People Buy You ( Inspiration from the book – “People Buy You” by Jeb Blount)

Its always getting started that is the hardest part of anything in life it seems.  So, after the last month and a half of thinking about getting started blogging finally, here I am!  Speaking of “getting started” (some might call my little issue I just experienced, “procrastination” or “analysis paralysis”) I wish I had of just ‘done it’ 1.5 months ago. Procrastination is the biggest killer of life, of business development of relationships of EVERYTHING! (This is another blog)

I guess what I have realized over the last month in particular is the value I put on relationships of all kinds in my life. Network marketing is COMPLETELY about RELATIONSHIPS. In this business people don’t just join your business because they like the product or they because they think, “wow…great compensation plan.” Sure, these boxes need to be ticked, but at the end of the day they are joining YOU because they resonate with you.  Would you get involved in a business with someone you couldn’t stand the site of, their values, their voice, to look at them, their mannerisms etc? I say “HELL NO!” You initially join a business because you have built trust and rapport with your new friend, you like what they are about and they have something of value to offer you.  The key objective in business relationship building I have found is to be available and to help people solve their problems, to help them get what they want, in turn you get what you want too.

5 Network Marketing Relationship points of value:

  1. Build rapport (genuine interest in the person you are engaging with, sure the initial reason for your connection is business, but on either side of the fence, both parties should want to get to know who they are getting involved with first. I suggest coffee, face to face, a couple of Skype calls, this always warms the connection)
  2. Build trust (Keep your meeting times scheduled …. I know ‘life comes up and things happen’ but initially this is really important, so that person knows you mean business, that they can depend on you and you are reliable)
  3. Share similar business ethics/ values (Ethics are dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions. If you do not have a similar understanding and vision for your business and how you treat others then it is going to be hard to even get the key in the ignition. No business can survive in a market without following ethics.)
  4. Respect (You gain respect through following through, by showing up on time, getting the job done, WORD IS BOND.)
  5. Understand what your new prospects objectives are in joining your business: (You may join a business for one of 3 reasons –1. a hobby and some extra cash, 2. As Jim Rohn says “Work fulltime on you job and part time on your fortune!” 3. As a full time business – 100 miles an hour, period.) This needs to be defined in the beginning, its all part of building the relationship and understanding your new partner to best assist them to in turn help you.