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Beware Of The Dream Stealers


They continue to pop up throughout life. Most likely they are the friends and family in your own back yard with the best intentions for you, so they say, all the while they encourage you to give up before you begin. They appear in positions of concern, jealousy, fear, and their own lack of self worth.

Recently a friend of mine vulnerably shared with me, his fresh experiences in his new world of network marketing. I connected to everything he said because I was once where he was and hating it. To tell you the truth I learned very quickly to deal with confrontations of this manner with a smile and empathy because the reality that these people reside in is tough. They lack self worth and with this comes a negative outlook on the world around them, as they see it.

Dream stealers may first pounce on you in your early years, before you hit your teens. When you are at that cute age that you just start to express your creative mind and imagine what you “might like to be when you grow up.”

I recall a dream stealer stomping on every single one of my dreams whilst growing up. I never knew that there was a title for these people back then. I simply viewed the situation involving my D.S. (Dream Stealer) being as though they were “concerned” for my best interests and wanting the best for me in life, which no doubt they DID. As years passed, I discovered that this “concerned” appearance was actually a “false” appearance and what was really being revealed by the D.S. back then was THEIR “lack of self worth” and also THEIR “fears.”

Whilst we are growing up, we are generally bound and conditioned by the walls of our family home and the authorities in it. During this time you are not expected to map out your dreams alone, so naturally you are given direction from those people within this place of comfort we call home. Generally, you should be able to place immense trust in those people, being your family, as up until that point in your life, family (in one form or another) are naturally who you turn to, without thinking, for guidance in mapping out your very first dreams and how to reach them.

Bear in mind D.S. are in actual fact negative people and people that really don’t have any goals or know what to do with their life. Never try to confront a D.S. because they are not yet aware that you are in a state of awareness beyond theirs. Simply move on whilst encouraging them to follow their dreams because they are the people that need it most.

I have, at various points in my life, been without direction or goals and when I reflect back over those periods it is apparent that I was also surrounded by the same kind of people.

My business mentor, Aaron Byerlee, said to me once: “Choose your friends wisely and qualify your business leads before enrolling them into your team, for if you are a 10/10 as a leader, you will attract 8’s and 9’s, if you are a 6/10 as a leader then you will attract 4’s and 5’s” and so on.

Stop for a moment to quickly think about the following. The first names and situations that pop into your mind are generally correct.

1.      “Who the five people you spend your time most with are.”

2.      “Do you ever walk away from any of them with a heavy heart from listening to them talk utter nonsense and petty drama’s?

These thoughts were provoked by one of my favourite mentors, Jim Rohn.



Relationships dramatically influence our decision making, self esteem, thought process and lifestyle choices. It is always the ones closest to us, naturally because we trust them that can sometimes deter us from our dream path the most. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, it is because of their own fears and lack of self worth which prevent them from focusing on turning their own dreams into a reality and intentionally OR unintentionally crushing yours.

Walk away from the 97% crowd. Don’t use their excuses. Take charge of your own life. Jim Rohn

MY current DREAMS are to continuously work on self development techniques which assist me in becoming the grandest version of who I am, to better be able to understand and help other people from a place of compassion and love. You can never be motivated in this life by money alone, therefore I am committed to working within my global business helping others to realize their dreams and gain financial independence, via residual income which in turn will provide them with more time and freedom allowing better quality of life to share with loved ones and help others to do the same.

Alongside my Network Marketing Business I aim to connect with philanthropists to learn how together we can make the greatest difference to the people of the world and through what means.


Please share your dreams below after reading a few tips on KEEPING SAFE from DREAM STEALERS.

  1. Your dreams are goals; write them down as you would any goal. Short term and long term. Give yourself a time frame and be realistic.
  2. Vision board. This has cut out pictures, words; inspiration stuck to it and is visible to you, preferably on a wall, that you see every day which will remind you why you are going to make YOUR DREAMS a reality inside your realistic time frame.
  3. Do not share your dreams with negative people or those that talk garbage and leave you feeling heavy hearted. Remember, the dream stealers are on their own path too, so do not judge, instead accept that is where they are at in overcoming self doubts and fears. Do not let their lack of vision tarnish yours (dreams).
  4. Share your successes but not your failures. Failure is 100% going to happen if you are to be successful. You simply will not learn if you do not fail. By sharing a failure with a dream stealer will only validate their opinion of what you are doing.
  5. Find 3 people that you respect and admire who influence you and others positively in the community or as a leader and have achieved their dreams or are where you will eventually be. Make your self known to them and set up an accountability arrangement with them. Let them know that each week for one hour you would like to check in with them either face to face or on the phone (each of these 3 mentors) to discuss your progress and your next strategy in becoming a step closer to reaching your dreams.
  6. Next watch your dreams unfold before your eyes.

Successful Network Marketers NEVER NEVER NEVER give up! EVER!


Adelaide Network Marketers are incredible. (Being based in Adelaide at present – I feel it is fair to make this claim) They have such passion and drive and being such a small town if you can form a great team here, you can sell ice to eskimo’s.

I love network marketing and all that this industry entails but what happens when your body stops and your mind keeps going? How do you come across enthusiastically in your presentations, to be able to motivate and uplift your team when you are dead as a door knob? YOU are the driving force behind your team and need to show that you are up-tempo and ready for them at all times.  Sometimes  this crash and blah feeling is known as burnt out… I think… I feel exactly that this weekend. The last 20 days have been chaotic in a good way. My team have recruited some amazing network marketing leaders and we are growing at such a rapid pace, I am so proud of everyone’s efforts.

What I have realized though is if you take on too much and attempt to be everything and everywhere for everyone you soon are no good to no one. Really think before you do take on another project or squeeze in another social event. What are your priorities? After a massive rest and sleeping last night for what felt like an eternity I woke up, thinking I was still asleep, to this MOTIVATIONAL video that one of my team members Frank sent me:  please watch and share your “shift” in “Cant do it, want to give up” thoughts to “hell yes, i can!” below.

Amazing video right? Well the point is anyway – (Not just the footy player!) Instnatly – ( I think after he crossed the first line – or maybe at the point when he was blind folded!) those panic stricken thought lingering in my mind that I am burning from defeat of myself from taking on too much vanished and I felt energized. I will do it all because it is what has to be done and people are depending on ME to follow through.  One must prioritize what events, list of to do’s are the most important, of value and do those first. Everything else can wait. YOU are important, that is number one on the list. YOU must be energized, that is number two. 3, 4, 5, 6 is everything else and how you place them.

It is amazing where we find the energy inside to fulfill things and although time seems against us and we think we no longer can, it hurts too much to keep moving forward, we do have 24hours in a day (as my girlfriend Cass reminded me this week!) and should use those hours wisely. If the guy in the video can do all THAT!!!… Then surely I will arrive well prepared by my deadlines.

Network Marketing is such a rewarding industry, but manage your time well and stay on top of your game. Motivation is a key element. Please share your motivational tools with others here!