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Be A Part Of The Big Boom With MLM Dream Maker!….Franchises vs “The People’s” Franchise.


Network Marketing was never meant to be easy or a free ride. Just like any business you must be prepared to invest time and dollars. Too many people ‘assume’ that the Network Marketing company should pay for your conference expenses and that is simply not the case. YOU would not expect if you bought a Cibo Coffee shop franchise that the Franchisor would pay for your education on how to run the cafe, industry trends, give you free stock to give to your customers to try or your annual holidays.

Investing, as a distributor, into a Network Marketing company is only similar to “traditional business’  in the way that YOU buy it, You own it.  This is where the similarities end.  How ever, even these similarities are vast. For example, Network Marketing / Home Based Business start up costs are less than your pizza and pay TV movie night in, where as your little cafe option may set you back somewhere around a quarter of a million dollars!

Perhaps it is the fact that the start up cost of a Network Marketing business are so minimal that people do not appreciate their investment, nor do they take the business opportunity seriously….(*sigh*)…wasted opportunities…..there is nothing worse.

Are you getting my point?….Keep reading…

Our Australian National conference was held in Melbourne, Victoria a couple of weeks ago. Distributors and guests arrived full of enthusiasm and departed full of motivation and confirmation, yet again, that they had made the best life decision of their life in this moment.

Kali Holmes and Randy Ray Jeunesse Global

Kali Holmes with Randy Ray, founder of Jeunesse Global and fellow team mate Damian Rowe.

FACT: Gone are the days of “traditional business.” (Franchising, Self Employed)

FACT: 1 in 8 homes has a “home based business.” (Network Marketing)

FACT: 70,000 people worldwide join this (Network Marketing) profession every day!

Now, lets just recap on a few comparisons on traditional and home business and why NOW is the time to JOIN a Network Marketing company for best investment on maximum return.

Kali Holmes with Lyndone Biernoff, Australia's Diamond and top income earner in the industry and Scott Lewis (right) Jeunesse Global's Chief Visionary Officer at the Australia National Conference in Melbourne 2013.

Kali Holmes with Lyndon Biernoff, Australia's Diamond and top income earner in the industry and Scott Lewis (right) Jeunesse Global's Chief Visionary Officer at the Australia National Conference in Melbourne 2013.

Excerpts from “The People’s Franchise” by John Milton Fogg
In the 1960’s franchises were considered a scam. Congress was even trying to outlaw them. Today franchises are responsible for more than forty percent of all the retail goods and services we buy and sell in the United States alone – over one trillion dollars!

About one third of all franchises fail, another third break even and one third makes a profit. Franchise fees range between $1000 to $500,000 or more. Then you have to pay for the building, equipment, initial inventory, etc. – all of which can run into the millions. Plus most franchise companies take a percentage of your sales, not just profits, but sales as their royalty commission.

There is a way to have the LOW TO NO RISK BENEFITS of a proven, DUPLICATABLE BUSINESS system like franchising and still enjoy the RICH REWARDS of a ground floor opportunity.
The next best thing is the “PEOPLES FRANCHISE”…..”NETWORK MARKETING!”
NETWORK MARKETING has taken franchising and has made some remarkable improvements to it. Such as:

* Low capital investment – little to no risk.
* The benefits and tax advantages of a home-based business, one of the last forms of tax relief available.
* No employees – you are in control. You are the CEO of your own business. Unlike most entrepreneurs, your business does not own you! You are truly in control of your work – and your life.
* More choices. Anyone who is a network marketer is a volunteer. You don’t “have to” do anything. You are free to work the days and hours you want, where you want, doing what you want and you are free to choose the people with whom you work. There’s none of the all-consuming demands of a seven-day-work-week and a 15-hour-a-day retail operation.
* You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself. Lots of support to help you succeed.
* No franchise fee to pay to the company, no huge start-up or overhead costs, no restrictions on marketing territory – you can travel the world and take your business with you.
* You have the ability to offer the opportunity to build a successful business to others in partnership with you! It is not only wonderful to have your dreams come true but it is really special to be able to help others achieve their dreams.
* You get to leverage your time, talent and energy by earning commissions from sales made by those you introduce the business to who decide to join you. You earn income from the efforts of others: in time, tens, hundreds, even thousands of others.
* It works so well because you don’t have to be some high-performance sales superstar. It’s based on a lot of people doing a little bit each.

Network Marketing is not a get quick rich scheme, a pyramid scheme or an easy ride. It requires a bit of time and effort if you really want to make some extraordinary income. Look at it like this, generally if an opportunity is too good to be true, it usually is.

Connection VS Competition …. Life Is A Beautiful Struggle.


Competition VS Connection

Network Marketing teaches me something new with every interaction and at every meeting. Adelaide may be a sleepy little town, but the people certainly are not. One woman in particular who I met with last night at my 10pm business meeting certainly is not asleep. This very wise business woman opened my eyes clearer than day……

“I only have myself to compete with in this life.” That’s it! There is no one else, just me for me and for you, just you….KH

Competition should only ever be within. Competing with another is just as toxic as jealousy and envy. It is for the wrong reason and leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth.

Confident women don’t need to compete with others and they always get what they want. Why? How? Because they are sure of themselves and the direction they are heading.

Whilst sipping on an espresso martini and with hard to contain enthusiasm, discussing our next exciting business plan, my girlfriend and I “connected”. There was no “competition,” just connection. There is a massive difference between connecting with someone with intent to help them and meeting with someone for what YOU can gain personally with no interest of the other, this I refer to as competing before you even begin your venture.  There are always going to be insecurities amongst social circles within people and these insecurities need to be addressed empathetically and carefully.

“I realize that part of what I do here is to help women find their own inner strength and belief in themselves as I have had to do in my journey of life which has been anything but plain sailing!” ……Kali Holmes

As much as like attracts like, confidence and charisma attracts the opposite as well because this is how we learn what we are and what we are not. Confident people will attract others who are confident and connect but confident people will also attract insecure people who remind them they are confident and to teach those that are insecure to believe in themselves and how to become confident.

“Embrace the struggle. For it is the struggle that makes you stronger, the changes make you wiser and you find that happiness happens in its own way through personal growth.” ….KH

The only healthy form of competition is on the sporting field. Some may say that a little competition amongst friends is healthy and pushes you to work harder, I disagree. I know and firmly believe that friends encourage and motivate, they do not compete. This is not to say you will never have a friend who does not try to compete with you, and, you will absolutely feel and know when this happens and you need to realize that this is their learning and the universe is complementing your strength and showing you your strength through the other person’s competitive streak.


“The competition part of life is actually to do with your own internal strength. Having the strength to compete against yourself is the hardest competition you are ever faced with in life, and the most rewarding when conquered.” …..Kali Holmes.

Communication Is Depositing A Part Of Yourself In Another Person.



Kali Holmes communication

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people - Jim Rohn


Network marketing is straight out communication. You must learn excellent communication skills and never stop communicating, be it through our body language, listening, the way we talk, how we present down to the clothes we wear. It is completely natural as humans to judge others, when rather we need to learn to accept and understand. It is when we fail to speak up when we feel misunderstood or don’t ask questions when we are uncertain that disaster most often strikes and we experience what is called “communication breakdown.”

Have you ever just feared confrontation in your family or work place environment so much that you let things bottle up, stew inside and suppress your feelings for the fear of being judged or confronted on the defense of the person who you are in adversity with? Are you that person that just says yes and agrees with everything and everyone for the sake of not having to enter a discussion in which you may find yourself admitting your wrongs? The two worst things you can do are not confronting the situation bothering you, and, always agreeing and saying yes when you really want to say no. The general reason most people don’t communicate how the really feel is due to  their fear of something. Fear is simply put: False Evidence Appearing Real. It is true, that most times, what we do not know makes us feel uncomfortable and no one likes to be made to feel silly or a joke of by voicing their opinion for what they already reservations towards. Therefore most people just decide to retract into their shell or go with the flow as an unconscious protective mechanism.  It is incredibly liberating to communicate assertively and confront adversity than saying  nothing at all in which anger and resentment will inevitably manifest.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech that you will ever regret.” – Dr Laurence J Peter

Confrontation is not always pleasant, but it need not be unsettling either. I have found MLM, at times, to be extremely confronting (life in general as well) on so many levels. In the MLM industry, we are dealing with people everyday who have their ‘life’ aside from their business partnership with us. You need to be able to communicate and relate to all types of people from all walks of life and understand we are not all same and we all have personal issues occurring that may affect our ability to perform. There may have a couple of people in your down line who are those super charged double diamonds in the making whom you get along fabulously with and then out of nowhere adversity strikes. You don’t see eye to eye and you have a fall out. Are you going to let that adverse situation destroy your relationship and be stubborn, not listen or get frustrated because you feel they’re not building the business as fast and passionately as you are? Or are you going to look at the bigger picture, realise that curve balls are going to come flying at incredible speeds, unexpectedly constantly throughout life, and then take this in your stride to communicate well and resolve the disagreement? Adversity is a part of life that shapes us and forces us to grow. As we grow, we change, as we change we become better leaders and stronger communicators. The majority of the population fear change because it is CONFRONTING, it forces us outside of our comfort zone and until you make change your second nature, is very unsettling.

Successful network marketers are constantly in change and practicing effective communication, every single day. How one learns to effectively communicate is first by being honest with oneself  about your feelings and then compassionately delivering your thoughts from a place where you are not blaming, accusing or judging the other, simply speaking always from how YOU feel and how YOU were AFFECTED when “such and such occurred”. Starting today, to be an effective communicator by being compassionate towards others, step into their shoes and really listen to what is on their mind with the intention to resolve things in one way or another. It is far better to over communicate than to under communicate and leave negative energy lurking in your life.

“The way we communicate with ourselves and with others ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” – Anthony Robbins

Communication is the KEY to a massive business in network marketing, the sooner you understand this, learn compassion and accept people instead of judging them, the sooner you will enjoy your life of freedom that this business so generously provides.

Hong Kong Anti Ageing Evolution

Kali Holmes Hong Kong Evolution

Direct sales allows me to travel the world and experience life as I “work”. (If you can call it that.) Third anniversary celebrations for Jeunesse in Hong Kong were a massive success with some 5000 people from across the globe who came together to share the anti ageing company that has the secrets to eternal youth and a business model to match its prime time products. The feeling of being in the same space at the same time as the world’s leading scientists and doctors in anti ageing revealing the latest in stem cell technology advancements and our product of the year, Pro Pectin which helps to reduce the effects of radiation from chemotherapy for cancer patients was indescribable. All I know is that we at Jeunesse are in the right place at the right time with the right products and a savvy financial rewards plan to benefit anyone’s lifestyle. It all comes back down to what energy you put in, you get out.
Although I did not make it out socialising, drinking, carrying on til the wee hours of the morning with my colleagues, I did maintain my strict exercise regime and meal plan as I work towards my fitness goals it is critical that I do not skip a meal or workout. The mornings that I didn’t get all the work out in, I would be back in the gym at 930pm til close making sure I finished my program and the commitment I made to myself and my personal trainer, Duncan Maxwell of The Energy Clinic. It takes a lot of courage to not be a leaf in the wind and go with the flow, have a back bone and do what is right for you and ’ll tell you now, I feel amazing this week because of the balance in my life last week and achieving everything I set out to do.
While in Hong Kong for my 4 days of youth enhancement education, I also squeezed in 2 gorgeous photo shoots and a couple of castings with international model agents. Sightseeing and shopping had to be pushed aside this trip as I had a laser focus and targets to meet. Mission accomplished and was not swayed by the main stream. However in saying that, for me, I will go back to Hong Kong one day. For some, their belief may be that this was their trip of a life time and may never return, I on the other hand, know that whatever I desire I will have and achieve, so to scope out the best bars and shops this time was no big deal….especially when shopping online is so convenient these days and obscene amounts of alcohol is a setback in my bigger picture.

Kali Holmes

Hong Kong Anti Ageing Evolution

The universe will challenge you to see how big your desire is, how strong your passion is and how much you are willing to give up in order to obtain what you are chasing, therefore you need to always begin with the end in mind. The purpose of my trip was to increase my business tenfold at the very least, with the experience of travelling with my super star team who I am so so proud of. Network Marketing is the most rewarding business on so many levels, I am so fortunate to have the top income earners in my field globally as my mentors and leaders in Australia as my business partners. Emboldened by my success to this date within Jeunesse, I can’t help but share with others the freedom and quality of life that comes with Network Marketing.

Jeunesse Australia is Now An Official Australian Entity!

Jeunesse Official Entity Launch

Receiving Pearl recognition from the owners of Jeunesse Global, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

We had our Official Australian Entity celebration launch, in Sydney at the end of July and it certainly was nothing short of a great success. Brighton Le Sands hosted the event, commencing with a leadership dinner on the Friday night for those who were currently “Sapphire” and above. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were there, not having missed one important date in our Aussie diary yet.

Saturday was jam packed with announcements, product launch and business development training. Achievement awards and recognition were given and received, new goals set and commitments made. With Jeunesse Global’s 3rd anniversary 3 day Hong Kong just around the corner, Jeunesse Australia could not be in a more prominent position for the OFFICIAL NATIONAL Australian launch at the end of October.



A few company updates and reminders mentioned by Randy and Wendy during Saturdays training:

Jeunesse Global is now shipping to approximately 85-90 countries globally

Jeunesse Kids

Charity: start by feeding starving children in China

Products now available in Australia:

1. Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser which exfoliates at a cellular level so that the serum is more readily absorbed. This light cleansing wash contains green tea and alo vera. (

2. Luminesce Essential Body Renew which helps to boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging. (

Australia will be officially compliant on October the 27th.- Media launch October 26th

Jeunesse Australia will use an ‘e’ in the word “Ageing” now.

Hong Kong world premiere event “Evolution” to celebrate Jeunesse Global’s third anniversary. Three days of celebrations well deserved by all attending. Those joining us will be amongst the worlds leading scientists and anti ageing Doctors, including our very own celebrity Stem Cell Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Nathan Newman and Dr Vincnet Giampappa, President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Kali Holmes with Scott A Lewis

Kali Holmes and Chrissy moving on up. (With Scott Lewis Vice President of Global Operations).

Celebrities and sports people sponsored by Jeunesse:

Matthew Head – Pro Rugby NRL, current coach at Cronulla, NSW.
Brodie Holland (AFL player at Collingwood) and Sonita (Hostess from TV show The Price Is Right).
Dr Sharifan Hazlina – Malaysian Solo Polar explorer, records set for both North and South poles. Also an author of 3 books.
Todd Payten – Pro Rugby League coach and former NRL player
Steven Baker – AFL Player
Sarah Beardmore – Australian/British  professional Surfer. Also runner up of the Year sports Women 2011
Carli Sarome – 3rd tallest man in the world, from Fiji

So much fun waas had by all over the duration of the launch, not to mention a wealth of knowledge was shared, for us to take away til we meet again at the next level.





Kali Holmes MLM "Memory Jogger".

MLM success requires you to build relationships with people that will join your network marketing business. The most is a high priority activity that you must start the minute you enroll.

A memory jogger is a list of names of people that triggers your mind who to call to tell about your new home based business. Generally we all have an extensive network of at least 500 people we can reach out to by our 20’s so the concept of the memory jogger is to remind you of them.

Never leave home without your Ipad or laptop. This ensures that as you go about your day to day activities and names pop into your mind or you meet new people you can immediately add their name, phone number and email address to your list. This is how you form your “working inventory”.

Your REAL Inventory is NOT the products or Services your company sells. It is PEOPLE. And you MUST have people (LOTS of PEOPLE) to talk to about what you are doing.
The following memory jogger (that you will form your working inventory) list that I have put together for you is available to download now here now.

From your working inventory you will then enable yourself to build your first “hot” 100 leads (at the very minimum) for your MLM Business.

One very IMPORTANT RULE in building your memory jogger, you must NEVER PRE JUDGE ANYONE. Do not leave anyone off that list because those you think will join you wont and those you think wont, will. Consider everybody, obviously looking for qualified leads and people you want to work with who will lead you to entrepreneurs or others with large networks.

There are strategies to handling objections, so NEVER ACCEPT a NO. Very rarely does a “no” actually mean “no”. I will cover objections in my next post. I will also explain how you can twofold your memory jogger through asking a “NO” for referrals and utilizing your up-line as leverage.


DOWNLOAD “MLM Memory Jogger” from the downloads section on this page.

I use an excel spread sheet to then record my prospects, but at the very least grab a pad and pen and follow the steps below. Excel is the best way to record your data base. You can draw up tables, add headings, record notes and dates of the last time you made contact etc. It pays to be detailed in how you record data from the beginning so you keep up to date notes on your prospects.

My headings would include: name, action one and date (add details of who referred if its a referral or where you know them and how you delivered the first point of contact information if its through facebook or email, action two and date (this would be your follow up notes and interest level), notes (anything at all you want to record that you think is going to be of importance to remember).  Some lists i add in email address, phone number, country/state, event invite sent etc.


Step One: Your Warm Market:
Your Spouses family and friends
Cell phone contacts
Address book
Social Media Sites eg: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Step Two:
Any business associates you have (that you do business with) ask them for their help to build your new MLM business by giving you minimum 5 referrals.

You could say something along the lines of, “I think you would agree that I do a lot of business with you, and I need your help with my new business.”

Step Three: Read over the memory jogger and keep adding to your list and asking every person you speak with who says “no” for referrals.


MLM is a relationships business and you need to sincerely show an interest in others and form a connection and over time you will build rapport. Remember people join YOU because they trust in your ability to help them build their business. Asking questions helps you to understand the interest level of your prospects and what their underlying concerns may be, if any. With a little patience, persistence pays off. Do not be disheartened by a ‘no’, for every no you receive only leads you closer to a yes. The 80/20 rule applies here…for every 10 qualified leads you speak to, two people will be interested to join you in your business. Happy prospecting and never give up!

Successful Network Marketers NEVER NEVER NEVER give up! EVER!


Adelaide Network Marketers are incredible. (Being based in Adelaide at present – I feel it is fair to make this claim) They have such passion and drive and being such a small town if you can form a great team here, you can sell ice to eskimo’s.

I love network marketing and all that this industry entails but what happens when your body stops and your mind keeps going? How do you come across enthusiastically in your presentations, to be able to motivate and uplift your team when you are dead as a door knob? YOU are the driving force behind your team and need to show that you are up-tempo and ready for them at all times.  Sometimes  this crash and blah feeling is known as burnt out… I think… I feel exactly that this weekend. The last 20 days have been chaotic in a good way. My team have recruited some amazing network marketing leaders and we are growing at such a rapid pace, I am so proud of everyone’s efforts.

What I have realized though is if you take on too much and attempt to be everything and everywhere for everyone you soon are no good to no one. Really think before you do take on another project or squeeze in another social event. What are your priorities? After a massive rest and sleeping last night for what felt like an eternity I woke up, thinking I was still asleep, to this MOTIVATIONAL video that one of my team members Frank sent me:  please watch and share your “shift” in “Cant do it, want to give up” thoughts to “hell yes, i can!” below.

Amazing video right? Well the point is anyway – (Not just the footy player!) Instnatly – ( I think after he crossed the first line – or maybe at the point when he was blind folded!) those panic stricken thought lingering in my mind that I am burning from defeat of myself from taking on too much vanished and I felt energized. I will do it all because it is what has to be done and people are depending on ME to follow through.  One must prioritize what events, list of to do’s are the most important, of value and do those first. Everything else can wait. YOU are important, that is number one on the list. YOU must be energized, that is number two. 3, 4, 5, 6 is everything else and how you place them.

It is amazing where we find the energy inside to fulfill things and although time seems against us and we think we no longer can, it hurts too much to keep moving forward, we do have 24hours in a day (as my girlfriend Cass reminded me this week!) and should use those hours wisely. If the guy in the video can do all THAT!!!… Then surely I will arrive well prepared by my deadlines.

Network Marketing is such a rewarding industry, but manage your time well and stay on top of your game. Motivation is a key element. Please share your motivational tools with others here!

Why I, Kali Holmes, love MLM so much.

MLM allows me so much freedom in life. What a fabulous weekend of parading, acting and modeling at Crush Wine Festival. The best part about my network marketing business is the lifestyle it provides me to live my passion rather than living to work. I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and in turn I fulfill mine. Acting and fashion being my passions, I have the flexibility to be able to attend casting calls at the drop of a hat, I don’t have to ask permission from my “boss” to leave work and have a half day off  for castings or even if I may “excuse my self to go to the toilet or lunch!”

Sunday was Crush Wine Festival in the Adelaide Hills. As you may (or may not) know, I frequently model for Liebe Fashion Gallery, owned by my dear friend Cassandra Liebeknecht. She is an amazing stylist and entrepreneur and I just love her events. Our parades are often theatrical and entertaining. For Crush, we were required to parade at Johnston’s Winery Oakbank.

Cass styled our beautiful Rachel’s Model Management Models and I also made an appearance at Tilbrook Estate at Lobethal as the character “Miss Moneypenny” James Bond’s girl. The theme at Tilbrook was James Bond and cleverly named “Licensed To Chill.”  The little story behind this theme originated around the most recent sparkling wine that James has made. James is the owner of Tilbrook Estate with his wife Annabelle.

James Tilbrook’s mother used to work for British Intelligence and in honour of her he named this delicious sparkling wine “Moneypenny.” Rumour has it that James’s phone number even has “007 in it!  James and I had a fabulous afternoon hanging around, in and out of our getaway car, Aston Martin DB9,  and of course welcoming guests with champagne tasting on arrival and sharing an entertaining story or two.

My day all up was spent mingling with new people who are now prospects and expressed interest in my MLM business. While I am enjoying my passions in life, I am working my MLM business. The lifestyle that Network Marketing provides me is freedom to live in my passion and help others to do so as well. Tell me another industry that allows you that kind of freedom to chose when you want to work for the amount of money you would like to make? Didn’t think you could… Network Marketing is the only business that TRULY allows a residual income and the freedom that this type of income provides!