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Social Media … bitching is the new black


Social Media is the only place in the world where bitching is totally cool. People don’t want to hear about what you’ve got to say about someone else. Regardless if you think its acceptable or not, it is.

In saying that, lets talk about someone else.

On a recent trip to Sydney I caught up with a dear friend of mine who is a film producer and we were talking about the painful and never ending upkeep of social media sites. He told me to download a few apps to keep it tidy and then mentioned what the successful tweeters and face bitcher’s are doing to gain followers and friends. 70% of what you talk about should be about someone else and 30% about you. That’s it! When talking about yourself, this should only be about your experience in relation to the person or trend you are referring too. NOT what you had for lunch or the fact that you can’t sleep or the baby just ate dog food. No one cares!! They want to know who you love, who you hate and how current affairs have affected you.

I put this strategy to the test last weekend and on my Facebook page. My topic was my girlfriends UTI that she had at the time, how we self diagnosed it, how we self medicated it and what we did about it. Instant comments and PM’s came flooding in. It really works. A big tick to you Mr Film Maker for that hot tip.

That same film maker pal of mine’s example to his 70/30 rule was about a tweet he made on twitter. His re-tweets were high simply because he tweeted about a recent heatwave in Sydney and how cool he was keeping in front of the air conditioning. The money maker was his reference to the Australian bush fire news at the time and how we have nothing to whinge about whilst in the comfort of our home (that most had lost in the fires) and keeping cool in air conditioning. People connected, felt empathy and re tweeted and passed comments.

Understand? Good. Try it and let me know in comments below who you bitched about and what others said.




Kali Holmes MLM "Memory Jogger".

MLM success requires you to build relationships with people that will join your network marketing business. The most is a high priority activity that you must start the minute you enroll.

A memory jogger is a list of names of people that triggers your mind who to call to tell about your new home based business. Generally we all have an extensive network of at least 500 people we can reach out to by our 20’s so the concept of the memory jogger is to remind you of them.

Never leave home without your Ipad or laptop. This ensures that as you go about your day to day activities and names pop into your mind or you meet new people you can immediately add their name, phone number and email address to your list. This is how you form your “working inventory”.

Your REAL Inventory is NOT the products or Services your company sells. It is PEOPLE. And you MUST have people (LOTS of PEOPLE) to talk to about what you are doing.
The following memory jogger (that you will form your working inventory) list that I have put together for you is available to download now here now.

From your working inventory you will then enable yourself to build your first “hot” 100 leads (at the very minimum) for your MLM Business.

One very IMPORTANT RULE in building your memory jogger, you must NEVER PRE JUDGE ANYONE. Do not leave anyone off that list because those you think will join you wont and those you think wont, will. Consider everybody, obviously looking for qualified leads and people you want to work with who will lead you to entrepreneurs or others with large networks.

There are strategies to handling objections, so NEVER ACCEPT a NO. Very rarely does a “no” actually mean “no”. I will cover objections in my next post. I will also explain how you can twofold your memory jogger through asking a “NO” for referrals and utilizing your up-line as leverage.


DOWNLOAD “MLM Memory Jogger” from the downloads section on this page.

I use an excel spread sheet to then record my prospects, but at the very least grab a pad and pen and follow the steps below. Excel is the best way to record your data base. You can draw up tables, add headings, record notes and dates of the last time you made contact etc. It pays to be detailed in how you record data from the beginning so you keep up to date notes on your prospects.

My headings would include: name, action one and date (add details of who referred if its a referral or where you know them and how you delivered the first point of contact information if its through facebook or email, action two and date (this would be your follow up notes and interest level), notes (anything at all you want to record that you think is going to be of importance to remember).  Some lists i add in email address, phone number, country/state, event invite sent etc.


Step One: Your Warm Market:
Your Spouses family and friends
Cell phone contacts
Address book
Social Media Sites eg: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Step Two:
Any business associates you have (that you do business with) ask them for their help to build your new MLM business by giving you minimum 5 referrals.

You could say something along the lines of, “I think you would agree that I do a lot of business with you, and I need your help with my new business.”

Step Three: Read over the memory jogger and keep adding to your list and asking every person you speak with who says “no” for referrals.


MLM is a relationships business and you need to sincerely show an interest in others and form a connection and over time you will build rapport. Remember people join YOU because they trust in your ability to help them build their business. Asking questions helps you to understand the interest level of your prospects and what their underlying concerns may be, if any. With a little patience, persistence pays off. Do not be disheartened by a ‘no’, for every no you receive only leads you closer to a yes. The 80/20 rule applies here…for every 10 qualified leads you speak to, two people will be interested to join you in your business. Happy prospecting and never give up!

Internet Marketing and the power of Face book for lead generation.

Internet marketing through the use of Face Book has become a somewhat global trend and is an excellent tool to use to add value to your network marketing business. However, in saying that, nothing beats face to face meetings, three way calls and personal communication. Internet marketing opens the door to millions of leads and possibilities….if you know how to use the right language and how to build rapport.

Kali Holmes

Internet Marketing strategies using Face Book by Kali Holmes.

Kali Holmes’s suggestions for Face Book Internet marketing:
1. Set up a Face Book business fan page and make sure that this page is interactive and always the topics posted are relatable to your primary business that the page is centered around. (If you are unsure how to set up a fan page then please shoot me an email and I will gladly help –

2. Build rapport with your new fans by acknowledging them liking your page. You can do this by sending them a personal thank you message or add a comment to their wall. This shows you appreciate THEM (the new fan) considering what you have to offer and for their support.
3. Offer something of value. Be it a special product offer, updated information on news and events in your business, your advice when they ask you – simply because you care and do not expect anything in return.
4. Use of pictures. Most people are visual, so by providing appropriate images on the top image of your timeline/profile picture you will instantly give a certain impression when people come across your page. Photo albums are powerful to create on your page as well. Keep pictures current and up to date showing your business activity. This may be acknowledging achievements in your team, sales from new customers, photo’s of new team members, recent event pictures. Your aim with photos and images is to generate visual interest and then people tend to want to read a bit more to find out what the business is about.
5. Interaction. You want to create interaction with your fans, so when writing posts, try to ask questions, create topics for discussion and reply or like their reply to your posts. This once again is all part of building the relationship, trust and rapport with your new fan.
Internet Marketing is extremely valuable for lead generation and Face Book is just one example of how to use internet marketing to build up your leads for your network marketing business. Don’t make it your primary focus, but I will stress that it is extremely important today to have a cyber presence. So go on and shoot me an email when you have your new fan page up and running, I’m only too happy to support you with a “like!”