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Does failing health destroy your passion?

Passion is that strong feeling or emotion that you have towards something that you desire intensely. Imagine your Doctor informed you today of a life threatening illness leaving you with only months to live. What immediate and drastic changes you would make in your life NOW? Who are the family and friends you would chose to spend your remaining moments of life with? What DREAMS would you chose to fulfill if you could make a wish and have them come true?

"If passion drives you let reason hold the reins." - Benjamin Frankin

You cannot put a price on health. I say this with 'passion' and gratitude for my excellent well being today after having experienced an unfortunate set of circumstances through life surrounding ill health leaving me bed ridden, even hospitalised. Failing health will do one of two things to you. It will either send you into a turmoil of victimisation and self pity or be an energetic awakening from which dreams are realised. Fortunate are you if life grants you such generous learning's and you live to tell.....

"Circumstances are unpredictable, sometimes unavoidable, but one thing in life is certain, that being YOUR unique passion, and NO ONE can ever steel that from you." - Kali Holmes

This years Australia Day Address guest speaker clearly addressed my previous quote. Australian athlete, Kurt Fearnly, three times paralymic's champion, was born without the lower portion of his spine, none the less, he still grew up playing back yard football and conquered crawling along the Great Wall of China.

Known as the Marathon Man of wheelchair sports, he is a true world champion holding the following titles:

•    43 marathons. 31 wins. Ten additional podium finishes. •    Marathon wins in 10 countries on five continents. •    Three-time Paralympian. Nine medals. Three Gold •    Six-time World Champion •    2007 and 2009 Laureus World Sports Award Finalist •    Commonwealth Athlete of the Year with a Disability •    2009 NSW Young Australian of the Year

Kurt Fearnly is a living example that failing health does NOT destroy your PASSION.

Perfect health and a lack of motivation counteracts good health. Awareness of your truths and values will promote conscious living that inevitably guides you to your passion from which motivation stems naturally. Motivation is what drives your passion into creation mode.

Don't be afraid to live consciously and passionately, for when you do, you radiate energy throughout the universe which when felt inspires others to do the same.

"Find your source for passion and know your wall for energy." - anonymous