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Hong Kong Anti Ageing Evolution

Kali Holmes Hong Kong Evolution

Direct sales allows me to travel the world and experience life as I “work”. (If you can call it that.) Third anniversary celebrations for Jeunesse in Hong Kong were a massive success with some 5000 people from across the globe who came together to share the anti ageing company that has the secrets to eternal youth and a business model to match its prime time products. The feeling of being in the same space at the same time as the world’s leading scientists and doctors in anti ageing revealing the latest in stem cell technology advancements and our product of the year, Pro Pectin which helps to reduce the effects of radiation from chemotherapy for cancer patients was indescribable. All I know is that we at Jeunesse are in the right place at the right time with the right products and a savvy financial rewards plan to benefit anyone’s lifestyle. It all comes back down to what energy you put in, you get out.
Although I did not make it out socialising, drinking, carrying on til the wee hours of the morning with my colleagues, I did maintain my strict exercise regime and meal plan as I work towards my fitness goals it is critical that I do not skip a meal or workout. The mornings that I didn’t get all the work out in, I would be back in the gym at 930pm til close making sure I finished my program and the commitment I made to myself and my personal trainer, Duncan Maxwell of The Energy Clinic. It takes a lot of courage to not be a leaf in the wind and go with the flow, have a back bone and do what is right for you and ’ll tell you now, I feel amazing this week because of the balance in my life last week and achieving everything I set out to do.
While in Hong Kong for my 4 days of youth enhancement education, I also squeezed in 2 gorgeous photo shoots and a couple of castings with international model agents. Sightseeing and shopping had to be pushed aside this trip as I had a laser focus and targets to meet. Mission accomplished and was not swayed by the main stream. However in saying that, for me, I will go back to Hong Kong one day. For some, their belief may be that this was their trip of a life time and may never return, I on the other hand, know that whatever I desire I will have and achieve, so to scope out the best bars and shops this time was no big deal….especially when shopping online is so convenient these days and obscene amounts of alcohol is a setback in my bigger picture.

Kali Holmes

Hong Kong Anti Ageing Evolution

The universe will challenge you to see how big your desire is, how strong your passion is and how much you are willing to give up in order to obtain what you are chasing, therefore you need to always begin with the end in mind. The purpose of my trip was to increase my business tenfold at the very least, with the experience of travelling with my super star team who I am so so proud of. Network Marketing is the most rewarding business on so many levels, I am so fortunate to have the top income earners in my field globally as my mentors and leaders in Australia as my business partners. Emboldened by my success to this date within Jeunesse, I can’t help but share with others the freedom and quality of life that comes with Network Marketing.

Jeunesse Australia is Now An Official Australian Entity!

Jeunesse Official Entity Launch

Receiving Pearl recognition from the owners of Jeunesse Global, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

We had our Official Australian Entity celebration launch, in Sydney at the end of July and it certainly was nothing short of a great success. Brighton Le Sands hosted the event, commencing with a leadership dinner on the Friday night for those who were currently “Sapphire” and above. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were there, not having missed one important date in our Aussie diary yet.

Saturday was jam packed with announcements, product launch and business development training. Achievement awards and recognition were given and received, new goals set and commitments made. With Jeunesse Global’s 3rd anniversary 3 day Hong Kong just around the corner, Jeunesse Australia could not be in a more prominent position for the OFFICIAL NATIONAL Australian launch at the end of October.



A few company updates and reminders mentioned by Randy and Wendy during Saturdays training:

Jeunesse Global is now shipping to approximately 85-90 countries globally

Jeunesse Kids

Charity: start by feeding starving children in China

Products now available in Australia:

1. Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser which exfoliates at a cellular level so that the serum is more readily absorbed. This light cleansing wash contains green tea and alo vera. (

2. Luminesce Essential Body Renew which helps to boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging. (

Australia will be officially compliant on October the 27th.- Media launch October 26th

Jeunesse Australia will use an ‘e’ in the word “Ageing” now.

Hong Kong world premiere event “Evolution” to celebrate Jeunesse Global’s third anniversary. Three days of celebrations well deserved by all attending. Those joining us will be amongst the worlds leading scientists and anti ageing Doctors, including our very own celebrity Stem Cell Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Nathan Newman and Dr Vincnet Giampappa, President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Kali Holmes with Scott A Lewis

Kali Holmes and Chrissy moving on up. (With Scott Lewis Vice President of Global Operations).

Celebrities and sports people sponsored by Jeunesse:

Matthew Head – Pro Rugby NRL, current coach at Cronulla, NSW.
Brodie Holland (AFL player at Collingwood) and Sonita (Hostess from TV show The Price Is Right).
Dr Sharifan Hazlina – Malaysian Solo Polar explorer, records set for both North and South poles. Also an author of 3 books.
Todd Payten – Pro Rugby League coach and former NRL player
Steven Baker – AFL Player
Sarah Beardmore – Australian/British  professional Surfer. Also runner up of the Year sports Women 2011
Carli Sarome – 3rd tallest man in the world, from Fiji

So much fun waas had by all over the duration of the launch, not to mention a wealth of knowledge was shared, for us to take away til we meet again at the next level.