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Inspiration Station Has Me Intrigued…WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

  Network Marketing is the most rewarding business on the planet. I meet amazing people every day who inspire me with their stories and adversities overcome. I am always giving energy to others and in turn receiving energy. That energy can be either positive or negative, mind you. Always repel the negative my dears, right back where it came from, realize it, but do not absorb it via thought, let it go immediately. Network Marketing has a certain kind of energetic formula that works, and you can apply throughout your life generally too.

“Match Energy With Energy.”

After my recent visit to a few things hit home for me. We all NEED inspiration to put ideas into motion and keep us on track with our goals. Without inspiration we are destined for dooms day and that aint no place to play! I have had a little less inspiration recently than I would have normally liked and most times I am fast to jump on that mental space and change it. Feeling perplexed and overwhelmed with life’s adversities recently, I was challenged with a business decision and made up in my mind that I “could not do it.” (This is one of those times where you tap into one of your energetic “inspiration resources” for a top up. Hence why I say you need several inspiration avenues to call on as they won’t all be suitable for various adverse situations that you will be faced with though time.) I notified my business mentor/partner and his reply was “Yes you could.”  I had it already so firmly engrained in my mind’s eye that I was not going to do what I had set out to do. I opted the easy route out. My excuse was that my problems were being bigger than my opportunity on this occasion and therefore admitted self defeat. I also decided I was happy with that decision because it was my truth and I accepted full responsibility for that outcome. My mentor on the other hand was not done with that decision and thankfully I chose well when I picked him because he pushed me beyond where I thought I could travel on this occasion. He assured me that he would support me if I only follow through. I agreed thinking that his call was reasonable and I could not argue. Mr Mentor pointed out to me that I should have chosen the hardest decision and feel confident that I could outsmart the habits that are governing the direction in my life. In doing this I would be actively changing my future and reaching my full potential rather than riding life’s insane circular merry go round. What was the outcome from all of this learning? Well Mr Mentor then asked me what my solution was.

“If you are not focusing on a solution then you’re focusing on the problem.”

My simple solution to my inspiration block came whilst reading this time. Tony Robins is a great motivator and I tap into his resources frequently. From his recent article I learned that one must defy adversity and do what you believe is right in spite of your fear. Demand more from yourself that others would expect and live by the power of sincere and selfless contribution.

“When challenged, remember to whole heartedly embrace your power from within. Courage is infectious and incurable." Mr Mentor.

Weight training energises me also, and in-turn delivers me loads of inspiration. Maybe exercise works for you, maybe it does not. Find what does work for you and tap into that as soon as you have that inkling you’re in need of inspiration. As long as I am energised, I am inspired. If I feel a bit flat in my day, I often reshuffle my work load; head off to the gym, recharge the endorphins and I'm then good to go. Some people might find a walk on the beach, turning up some base and beats or even a short jog around the block or walking the family pet. Then there are the less healthy options such as (I have been a culprit here too  ...yes...) a cup of coffee and a cookie. Whatever or where ever it is that brings about your creative burst, it 110% MUST recharge you. I have discovered that when I feel good within myself I am the most creative and my inspiration flows freely. It is critical to have that connection to something (or a few things) external that you know you can tap into for some inspiration energy when your stores are running low.

Bottom line... nothing comes free in this world. There is a price on everything. TIME MANAGEMENT is paramount. The saying "we have all the time in the world" is ridiculous. We don't. For starters, time is just comparative to measure ones events through life's experience. However to most efficiently utilize this life for the higher purpose of why we are really here, to be able to "achieve" and make "dreams reality", we need to use "time" to give goals a "time frame."  This ensures completion of goals and therefore the celebration of fulfillment. Find your inspiration and run with it!

“Respect the urgency of time…Change is harder as time goes by.”