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Connection VS Competition …. Life Is A Beautiful Struggle.


Competition VS Connection

Network Marketing teaches me something new with every interaction and at every meeting. Adelaide may be a sleepy little town, but the people certainly are not. One woman in particular who I met with last night at my 10pm business meeting certainly is not asleep. This very wise business woman opened my eyes clearer than day…… “I only have myself to compete with in this life.” That’s it! There is no one else, just me for me and for you, just you....KH Competition should only ever be within. Competing with another is just as toxic as jealousy and envy. It is for the wrong reason and leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth. Confident women don't need to compete with others and they always get what they want. Why? How? Because they are sure of themselves and the direction they are heading. Whilst sipping on an espresso martini and with hard to contain enthusiasm, discussing our next exciting business plan, my girlfriend and I “connected”. There was no “competition,” just connection. There is a massive difference between connecting with someone with intent to help them and meeting with someone for what YOU can gain personally with no interest of the other, this I refer to as competing before you even begin your venture.  There are always going to be insecurities amongst social circles within people and these insecurities need to be addressed empathetically and carefully. “I realize that part of what I do here is to help women find their own inner strength and belief in themselves as I have had to do in my journey of life which has been anything but plain sailing!” ......Kali Holmes As much as like attracts like, confidence and charisma attracts the opposite as well because this is how we learn what we are and what we are not. Confident people will attract others who are confident and connect but confident people will also attract insecure people who remind them they are confident and to teach those that are insecure to believe in themselves and how to become confident. "Embrace the struggle. For it is the struggle that makes you stronger, the changes make you wiser and you find that happiness happens in its own way through personal growth." ....KH The only healthy form of competition is on the sporting field. Some may say that a little competition amongst friends is healthy and pushes you to work harder, I disagree. I know and firmly believe that friends encourage and motivate, they do not compete. This is not to say you will never have a friend who does not try to compete with you, and, you will absolutely feel and know when this happens and you need to realize that this is their learning and the universe is complementing your strength and showing you your strength through the other person’s competitive streak.   "The competition part of life is actually to do with your own internal strength. Having the strength to compete against yourself is the hardest competition you are ever faced with in life, and the most rewarding when conquered." .....Kali Holmes.