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Building Momentum

Don’t take your pedal off the metal!

A friend of mine once told me that building momentum is like push starting a car, not really fun to begin with sometimes…. You get out, you take position behind it and start by pushing that car, its too hard, you think I’m never going to get anywhere what the hell am I doing this for?(Then you have one of those light bulb moments and remember “Oh that’s right – I’ve got places to
go, people to see, things to do!”) So you persist, and “Wow!”, persistence pays off, you get a little bit of movement and away you go…… Once the wheels are in motion it becomes easier. BUT you have to keep pushing, keep moving as the car is heavy and the minute you stop pushing that’s it. You now start over, from the very beginning! And then you find yourself again, finding the strength to get that darn car rocking, and once again, then the wheels slowly start turning and the pace increases. Its bloody hard work! (Not that I have had to push to many cars, to get them moving, that’s what men are for or mechanics and toe trucks, but I can recall one time sitting in the front seat while 4 boys were pushing behind as we tried to gather momentum to get the darn car clicking over…I thought it was OK, bet they have a different story!)

Momentum is what is required to build your business. Momentum is created by sharing your story with other people. Never pre-qualify anyone! This may involve (dare I say it….) picking up the phone and talking to someone on the end of it. You need a good source of leads to generate a steady residual income. The picking up of the phone, introducing yourself and your business, getting your story perfect and creating impact in that first 30-60 seconds is critical. Then following up. If you fail in any of these steps, leave your follow ups to long, you stop your rocking and rolling of the vehicle, you will have to start again. Every day talk to at least 10 quality leads and share your story. Then book appointments to present to groups and be time efficient. Tip: NEVER pre-qualify anyone. Those who you think will join you wont and those you think wont will! Have fun pushing your car or keep your pedal to the metal, I know what I’ll be doing!