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Social Media … bitching is the new black

  Social Media is the only place in the world where bitching is totally cool. People don't want to hear about what you've got to say about someone else. Regardless if you think its acceptable or not, it is. In saying that, lets talk about someone else. On a recent trip to Sydney I caught up with a dear friend of mine who is a film producer and we were talking about the painful and never ending upkeep of social media sites. He told me to download a few apps to keep it tidy and then mentioned what the successful tweeters and face bitcher's are doing to gain followers and friends. 70% of what you talk about should be about someone else and 30% about you. That's it! When talking about yourself, this should only be about your experience in relation to the person or trend you are referring too. NOT what you had for lunch or the fact that you can't sleep or the baby just ate dog food. No one cares!! They want to know who you love, who you hate and how current affairs have affected you. I put this strategy to the test last weekend and on my Facebook page. My topic was my girlfriends UTI that she had at the time, how we self diagnosed it, how we self medicated it and what we did about it. Instant comments and PM's came flooding in. It really works. A big tick to you Mr Film Maker for that hot tip. That same film maker pal of mine's example to his 70/30 rule was about a tweet he made on twitter. His re-tweets were high simply because he tweeted about a recent heatwave in Sydney and how cool he was keeping in front of the air conditioning. The money maker was his reference to the Australian bush fire news at the time and how we have nothing to whinge about whilst in the comfort of our home (that most had lost in the fires) and keeping cool in air conditioning. People connected, felt empathy and re tweeted and passed comments. Understand? Good. Try it and let me know in comments below who you bitched about and what others said.