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Jeunesse Australia is Now An Official Australian Entity!

Jeunesse Official Entity Launch

Receiving Pearl recognition from the owners of Jeunesse Global, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

We had our Official Australian Entity celebration launch, in Sydney at the end of July and it certainly was nothing short of a great success. Brighton Le Sands hosted the event, commencing with a leadership dinner on the Friday night for those who were currently “Sapphire” and above. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were there, not having missed one important date in our Aussie diary yet.

Saturday was jam packed with announcements, product launch and business development training. Achievement awards and recognition were given and received, new goals set and commitments made. With Jeunesse Global’s 3rd anniversary 3 day Hong Kong just around the corner, Jeunesse Australia could not be in a more prominent position for the OFFICIAL NATIONAL Australian launch at the end of October.



A few company updates and reminders mentioned by Randy and Wendy during Saturdays training:

Jeunesse Global is now shipping to approximately 85-90 countries globally

Jeunesse Kids

Charity: start by feeding starving children in China

Products now available in Australia:

1. Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser which exfoliates at a cellular level so that the serum is more readily absorbed. This light cleansing wash contains green tea and alo vera. (

2. Luminesce Essential Body Renew which helps to boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging. (

Australia will be officially compliant on October the 27th.- Media launch October 26th

Jeunesse Australia will use an ‘e’ in the word “Ageing” now.

Hong Kong world premiere event “Evolution” to celebrate Jeunesse Global’s third anniversary. Three days of celebrations well deserved by all attending. Those joining us will be amongst the worlds leading scientists and anti ageing Doctors, including our very own celebrity Stem Cell Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Nathan Newman and Dr Vincnet Giampappa, President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Kali Holmes with Scott A Lewis

Kali Holmes and Chrissy moving on up. (With Scott Lewis Vice President of Global Operations).

Celebrities and sports people sponsored by Jeunesse:

Matthew Head – Pro Rugby NRL, current coach at Cronulla, NSW.
Brodie Holland (AFL player at Collingwood) and Sonita (Hostess from TV show The Price Is Right).
Dr Sharifan Hazlina – Malaysian Solo Polar explorer, records set for both North and South poles. Also an author of 3 books.
Todd Payten – Pro Rugby League coach and former NRL player
Steven Baker – AFL Player
Sarah Beardmore – Australian/British  professional Surfer. Also runner up of the Year sports Women 2011
Carli Sarome – 3rd tallest man in the world, from Fiji

So much fun waas had by all over the duration of the launch, not to mention a wealth of knowledge was shared, for us to take away til we meet again at the next level.




Consumerism and age management through the new wave of nutrition, nutrigenomix.

The strongest anti-aging and skin health benefits can only be actualized by the concept of beauty from the inside out. I am obsessed with beauty and all that it entails.  I love to also help others to realise their true beauty or at least work with what they have got… We all want supplements as a skin care product these days because we are becoming more and more immersed in a world of consumerism and consumption.

The real issue is not consumption itself but its patterns and effects. Additionally, consumerism and consumption are at the core of many, if not most societies. The impacts of consumerism, positive and negative are very significant to all aspects of our lives, as well as our planet. If the trends continue without change today’s problems of consumption and human development will worsen.

We are becoming overly obese and disease ridden, mostly by poor lifestyle choice, which is correctable, if we decide to spend where we need to add value in our lives. There has been a dramatic shift in the causes of death over the years. Two hundred years ago it was accidents, infections and childbirth; cancer was a rarity. One hundred years ago infections topped the list. Today it is diseases caused by lifestyles. Here is a dramatic figure from the New England Journal of Medicine a few weeks ago.

Kali Holmes

I would suggest that the hottest topic on the table at the moment regarding consumption of nutrition and the use of cosmetics is “Stem Cells.” We are now at a point where we need something more than just the “Extra Nourishing” night cream for $800 a pot or “Caviar In a Jar” to bring your sexy back at $1200 a pot. What we need is to focus on nutrition from the inside out and the outside in. The new wave of nutrition that I am talking about is called “Nutrigenomix” and I am launching my business in Sydney this weekend  which is the National Australian launch of THE Global Company that is behind THE MOST technologically ADVANCED anti aging nutritional supplements that I have ever come across.

If you are not yet taking a Nutrigenomix nutritional supplement yet then I suggest you do. You WANT it and body NEEDS it. The days of popping a multi vitamin or just a few fruit and veg caps are gone, we need more and we need to talk internal at a cellular level. Nutrigenomix Nutrition does just that. It focuses on gene expression, anti aging, replicating healthy cells and longevity of life.

When “Star Trek” nutrition, most commonly known as “AM PM”, and I first began our inseparable journey, it was kind of like a blind date introduction, you know those ones where your mate randomly calls and says hi, then for the next 5 minutes you get the small talk building up leading to a really off topic random question along the lines of….”Hey…..babe….do you know of ‘so and so’?”  You pause, whilst attempting to give a rats and reply ever so eloquently “no, darling I don’t, who or what is that?” My friend seemed all high and mighty in his response that he had some hot new product fresh on the market and wanted to hook me up.

Well, may I just say at this point, (and with no expectations of course, as you don’t in any new relationship) it was love at first “swallow” and I am now totally devoted and 100% infatuated and in LOVE with “CAMS”. (Cellular Age Management Systems) AM PM is oh so sexy, ahead of its time and sporting several patents, that IF another nutraceutical company does come even remotely close to its qualities we would have reinvented and still be the hottest thing since sliced bread.

NutriGen™ AM & PM Essentials are based on years of clinical research and studies and endorsed by acclaimed physician Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a leading authority on anti-aging. Dr. Giampapa served as the first President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, is a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and is also one of the first Board Certified anti-aging physicians in the world. He is the author of the first and only medical textbook on anti-aging medicine and age management for aesthetic surgeons and has authored five consumer titles on the topic.

Kali Holmes Jeunesse Reverse Aging


Along with the 80 something plus minerals and vitamins in AM PM there are 4 key components which may assist in reversing your aging clock from the inside out along with the use of the worlds first topical cosmetics range derived from adult human stem cells. The cosmetic line, Luminesce, has no actual stem cells in the products simply because, well, they would not survive in a cosmetic environment. What the cosmetic line does have is the most active component of the stem cells in it, that being  200+ human growth factors. Are you getting where I am going with this CAM thing? Press play on the video below to hear it first hand from Dr Vincent Giampapa. Anti ageing from the inside out and the outside in. Spend where you add value to your life and you will feel, look and be better for it.

Not only does AM PM have its 4 super components, but the PM is designed to help you sleep better and the AM helps you to wake feeling fresher and quite often increase your energy levels. At certain times of the day and night the body is meant to operate in a particular fashion to heal, regenerate new cells, healthy DNA and therefore slow down the signs of premature aging.

  • Telomere maintenance complex– helps maintain and protect telomeres and telomerase production
  • Calorie restriction mimetics and gene expression– improves cellular aging functions found to slow the aging process in the calorie restriction model
  • DNA repair blend– enhances single and double strand DNA repair
  • Stem cell maintenance complex– aids in optimal stem cell gene expression and stem cell function
  • Free radical scavenger complexa natural blend of synergistic antioxidants that supports healthy cell aging
  • Cell regulation complexhelps regulate the normal release of hormones and daily biorhythm
  • Digestive enzymesaids in digestion and increases the nutritional value obtained from meals
  • Probiotic blendhelps restore important gastrointestinal flora, and aids in digestion and production of key vitamins
  • Skin and hair