Jeunesse Australia is Now An Official Australian Entity!

Jeunesse Official Entity Launch

Receiving Pearl recognition from the owners of Jeunesse Global, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

We had our Official Australian Entity celebration launch, in Sydney at the end of July and it certainly was nothing short of a great success. Brighton Le Sands hosted the event, commencing with a leadership dinner on the Friday night for those who were currently "Sapphire" and above. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were there, not having missed one important date in our Aussie diary yet.

Saturday was jam packed with announcements, product launch and business development training. Achievement awards and recognition were given and received, new goals set and commitments made. With Jeunesse Global's 3rd anniversary 3 day Hong Kong just around the corner, Jeunesse Australia could not be in a more prominent position for the OFFICIAL NATIONAL Australian launch at the end of October.



A few company updates and reminders mentioned by Randy and Wendy during Saturdays training:

- Jeunesse Global is now shipping to approximately 85-90 countries globally

- Jeunesse Kids

- Charity: start by feeding starving children in China

- Products now available in Australia:

1. Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser which exfoliates at a cellular level so that the serum is more readily absorbed. This light cleansing wash contains green tea and alo vera. (

2. Luminesce Essential Body Renew which helps to boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging. (

- Australia will be officially compliant on October the 27th.- Media launch October 26th

- Jeunesse Australia will use an 'e' in the word "Ageing" now.

- Hong Kong world premiere event "Evolution" to celebrate Jeunesse Global's third anniversary. Three days of celebrations well deserved by all attending. Those joining us will be amongst the worlds leading scientists and anti ageing Doctors, including our very own celebrity Stem Cell Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Nathan Newman and Dr Vincnet Giampappa, President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Kali Holmes with Scott A Lewis

Kali Holmes and Chrissy moving on up. (With Scott Lewis Vice President of Global Operations).

- Celebrities and sports people sponsored by Jeunesse:

Matthew Head – Pro Rugby NRL, current coach at Cronulla, NSW.
Brodie Holland (AFL player at Collingwood) and Sonita (Hostess from TV show The Price Is Right).
Dr Sharifan Hazlina – Malaysian Solo Polar explorer, records set for both North and South poles. Also an author of 3 books.
Todd Payten – Pro Rugby League coach and former NRL player
Steven Baker - AFL Player
Sarah Beardmore – Australian/British  professional Surfer. Also runner up of the Year sports Women 2011
Carli Sarome – 3rd tallest man in the world, from Fiji

So much fun waas had by all over the duration of the launch, not to mention a wealth of knowledge was shared, for us to take away til we meet again at the next level.




Consumerism and age management through the new wave of nutrition, nutrigenomix.

The strongest anti-aging and skin health benefits can only be actualized by the concept of beauty from the inside out. I am obsessed with beauty and all that it entails.  I love to also help others to realise their true beauty or at least work with what they have got... We all want supplements as a skin care product these days because we are becoming more and more immersed in a world of consumerism and consumption. The real issue is not consumption itself but its patterns and effects. Additionally, consumerism and consumption are at the core of many, if not most societies. The impacts of consumerism, positive and negative are very significant to all aspects of our lives, as well as our planet. If the trends continue without change today’s problems of consumption and human development will worsen. We are becoming overly obese and disease ridden, mostly by poor lifestyle choice, which is correctable, if we decide to spend where we need to add value in our lives. There has been a dramatic shift in the causes of death over the years. Two hundred years ago it was accidents, infections and childbirth; cancer was a rarity. One hundred years ago infections topped the list. Today it is diseases caused by lifestyles. Here is a dramatic figure from the New England Journal of Medicine a few weeks ago. Kali Holmes I would suggest that the hottest topic on the table at the moment regarding consumption of nutrition and the use of cosmetics is “Stem Cells.” We are now at a point where we need something more than just the “Extra Nourishing” night cream for $800 a pot or “Caviar In a Jar” to bring your sexy back at $1200 a pot. What we need is to focus on nutrition from the inside out and the outside in. The new wave of nutrition that I am talking about is called “Nutrigenomix” and I am launching my business in Sydney this weekend  which is the National Australian launch of THE Global Company that is behind THE MOST technologically ADVANCED anti aging nutritional supplements that I have ever come across. If you are not yet taking a Nutrigenomix nutritional supplement yet then I suggest you do. You WANT it and body NEEDS it. The days of popping a multi vitamin or just a few fruit and veg caps are gone, we need more and we need to talk internal at a cellular level. Nutrigenomix Nutrition does just that. It focuses on gene expression, anti aging, replicating healthy cells and longevity of life. When “Star Trek” nutrition, most commonly known as “AM PM”, and I first began our inseparable journey, it was kind of like a blind date introduction, you know those ones where your mate randomly calls and says hi, then for the next 5 minutes you get the small talk building up leading to a really off topic random question along the lines of...." you know of 'so and so'?"  You pause, whilst attempting to give a rats and reply ever so eloquently "no, darling I don't, who or what is that?" My friend seemed all high and mighty in his response that he had some hot new product fresh on the market and wanted to hook me up. Well, may I just say at this point, (and with no expectations of course, as you don't in any new relationship) it was love at first "swallow" and I am now totally devoted and 100% infatuated and in LOVE with "CAMS". (Cellular Age Management Systems) AM PM is oh so sexy, ahead of its time and sporting several patents, that IF another nutraceutical company does come even remotely close to its qualities we would have reinvented and still be the hottest thing since sliced bread. NutriGen™ AM & PM Essentials are based on years of clinical research and studies and endorsed by acclaimed physician Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a leading authority on anti-aging. Dr. Giampapa served as the first President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, is a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and is also one of the first Board Certified anti-aging physicians in the world. He is the author of the first and only medical textbook on anti-aging medicine and age management for aesthetic surgeons and has authored five consumer titles on the topic.
Kali Holmes Jeunesse Reverse Aging


Along with the 80 something plus minerals and vitamins in AM PM there are 4 key components which may assist in reversing your aging clock from the inside out along with the use of the worlds first topical cosmetics range derived from adult human stem cells. The cosmetic line, Luminesce, has no actual stem cells in the products simply because, well, they would not survive in a cosmetic environment. What the cosmetic line does have is the most active component of the stem cells in it, that being  200+ human growth factors. Are you getting where I am going with this CAM thing? Press play on the video below to hear it first hand from Dr Vincent Giampapa. Anti ageing from the inside out and the outside in. Spend where you add value to your life and you will feel, look and be better for it.

Not only does AM PM have its 4 super components, but the PM is designed to help you sleep better and the AM helps you to wake feeling fresher and quite often increase your energy levels. At certain times of the day and night the body is meant to operate in a particular fashion to heal, regenerate new cells, healthy DNA and therefore slow down the signs of premature aging.
  • Telomere maintenance complex– helps maintain and protect telomeres and telomerase production
  • Calorie restriction mimetics and gene expression– improves cellular aging functions found to slow the aging process in the calorie restriction model
  • DNA repair blend– enhances single and double strand DNA repair
  • Stem cell maintenance complex– aids in optimal stem cell gene expression and stem cell function
  • Free radical scavenger complexa natural blend of synergistic antioxidants that supports healthy cell aging
  • Cell regulation complexhelps regulate the normal release of hormones and daily biorhythm
  • Digestive enzymesaids in digestion and increases the nutritional value obtained from meals
  • Probiotic blendhelps restore important gastrointestinal flora, and aids in digestion and production of key vitamins
  • Skin and hair  


Kali Holmes MLM "Memory Jogger".

MLM success requires you to build relationships with people that will join your network marketing business. The most is a high priority activity that you must start the minute you enroll. A memory jogger is a list of names of people that triggers your mind who to call to tell about your new home based business. Generally we all have an extensive network of at least 500 people we can reach out to by our 20’s so the concept of the memory jogger is to remind you of them. Never leave home without your Ipad or laptop. This ensures that as you go about your day to day activities and names pop into your mind or you meet new people you can immediately add their name, phone number and email address to your list. This is how you form your “working inventory”. Your REAL Inventory is NOT the products or Services your company sells. It is PEOPLE. And you MUST have people (LOTS of PEOPLE) to talk to about what you are doing. The following memory jogger (that you will form your working inventory) list that I have put together for you is available to download now here now. From your working inventory you will then enable yourself to build your first “hot” 100 leads (at the very minimum) for your MLM Business. One very IMPORTANT RULE in building your memory jogger, you must NEVER PRE JUDGE ANYONE. Do not leave anyone off that list because those you think will join you wont and those you think wont, will. Consider everybody, obviously looking for qualified leads and people you want to work with who will lead you to entrepreneurs or others with large networks. There are strategies to handling objections, so NEVER ACCEPT a NO. Very rarely does a “no” actually mean “no”. I will cover objections in my next post. I will also explain how you can twofold your memory jogger through asking a “NO” for referrals and utilizing your up-line as leverage. GETTING STARTED WRITING YOUR MEMORY JOGGER DOWNLOAD "MLM Memory Jogger" from the downloads section on this page. I use an excel spread sheet to then record my prospects, but at the very least grab a pad and pen and follow the steps below. Excel is the best way to record your data base. You can draw up tables, add headings, record notes and dates of the last time you made contact etc. It pays to be detailed in how you record data from the beginning so you keep up to date notes on your prospects. My headings would include: name, action one and date (add details of who referred if its a referral or where you know them and how you delivered the first point of contact information if its through facebook or email, action two and date (this would be your follow up notes and interest level), notes (anything at all you want to record that you think is going to be of importance to remember).  Some lists i add in email address, phone number, country/state, event invite sent etc.   Step One: Your Warm Market: Family Friends Your Spouses family and friends Cell phone contacts Address book Social Media Sites eg: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Step Two: Any business associates you have (that you do business with) ask them for their help to build your new MLM business by giving you minimum 5 referrals. You could say something along the lines of, "I think you would agree that I do a lot of business with you, and I need your help with my new business." Step Three: Read over the memory jogger and keep adding to your list and asking every person you speak with who says "no" for referrals.   MLM is a relationships business and you need to sincerely show an interest in others and form a connection and over time you will build rapport. Remember people join YOU because they trust in your ability to help them build their business. Asking questions helps you to understand the interest level of your prospects and what their underlying concerns may be, if any. With a little patience, persistence pays off. Do not be disheartened by a 'no', for every no you receive only leads you closer to a yes. The 80/20 rule applies here...for every 10 qualified leads you speak to, two people will be interested to join you in your business. Happy prospecting and never give up!

Internet Marketing and the power of Face book for lead generation.

Internet marketing through the use of Face Book has become a somewhat global trend and is an excellent tool to use to add value to your network marketing business. However, in saying that, nothing beats face to face meetings, three way calls and personal communication. Internet marketing opens the door to millions of leads and possibilities….if you know how to use the right language and how to build rapport.
Kali Holmes

Internet Marketing strategies using Face Book by Kali Holmes.

Kali Holmes’s suggestions for Face Book Internet marketing: 1. Set up a Face Book business fan page and make sure that this page is interactive and always the topics posted are relatable to your primary business that the page is centered around. (If you are unsure how to set up a fan page then please shoot me an email and I will gladly help – 2. Build rapport with your new fans by acknowledging them liking your page. You can do this by sending them a personal thank you message or add a comment to their wall. This shows you appreciate THEM (the new fan) considering what you have to offer and for their support. 3. Offer something of value. Be it a special product offer, updated information on news and events in your business, your advice when they ask you – simply because you care and do not expect anything in return. 4. Use of pictures. Most people are visual, so by providing appropriate images on the top image of your timeline/profile picture you will instantly give a certain impression when people come across your page. Photo albums are powerful to create on your page as well. Keep pictures current and up to date showing your business activity. This may be acknowledging achievements in your team, sales from new customers, photo’s of new team members, recent event pictures. Your aim with photos and images is to generate visual interest and then people tend to want to read a bit more to find out what the business is about. 5. Interaction. You want to create interaction with your fans, so when writing posts, try to ask questions, create topics for discussion and reply or like their reply to your posts. This once again is all part of building the relationship, trust and rapport with your new fan. Internet Marketing is extremely valuable for lead generation and Face Book is just one example of how to use internet marketing to build up your leads for your network marketing business. Don’t make it your primary focus, but I will stress that it is extremely important today to have a cyber presence. So go on and shoot me an email when you have your new fan page up and running, I’m only too happy to support you with a “like!”

Super Model Skin and Anti Aging Tips For All!

Network marketing, whilst so rewarding, is very demanding energy wise as you are constantly giving and listening and understanding then acting.Just to add to that on a positive note and something to think about "what you give energy to expands!" Therefore claiming your relaxation time is absolutely essential for body, mind, soul balance, to be able to focus productively when working on your empire with 110% energy input. Stress being the major cause of sickness and disease should be all the more reason to nourish ones self every night with a lovely cleanse to the body internally and externally. Tonight I certainly deserved this gorgeous scrub. I love to use what I have in the kitchen cupboard and keep it simple and as natural as possible, just because I find it refreshing since we are often using chemical clad products all day long and aging is inevitable from the harsh environmental factors we live amongst. Kali Holmes
This fabulous easy recipe works anti aging wonders in double time when you apply the latest and greatest products on the market today. Adult human stem cell derived cosmetic line, Jeunesse, “Luminesce face serum” must be applied immediately after scrub on dry skin. Follow with the Jeunesse night cream or even the Jeunesse day cream (for those countries unfortunate enough to not YET have access to night cream) for astonishing results to a more youthful skin all year round. Luminesce serum and moisturiser’s contains 200+ key human growth factors that transforms skin by gently replenishing natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin. Look younger, healthier, and more radiant as LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum works magic, helping many people regain their youthful appearance. Vanilla Brown Sugar and Macadamia Nut Scrub.
(NOTE: before trying this scrub, if you are possibly allergic to any of the ingredients, do not attempt in applying to your face or do so at own risk.) Ingredients: 4 tblsp brown sugar 3 tblsp macadamia nut oil ½ tsp vanilla essence (if you don’t like vanilla – add another essential oil or a squeeze of lemon juice – its really only for the aroma) Kali Holmes
Method: Mix all in bowl and take to bathroom. Make sure bath is full of goodies and treats to soak in.Application:
Cleanse skin with Jeunesse Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser Dampen skin and gently rub into your body the entire bowl of face and body scrub from your face to toes. Leave on your face for 5-10 mins and slide into bath, do not rub off, just let it soak in. Use a face washer to gently remove when time is up.You will notice that your skin is absolutely silken and magnificent to touch, gentle towel dry and moisturize your bodywith Jeunesse anti aging Body Renewal. ( For your face I would suggest in the evening the ever so restoring and moisturising Jeunesse Advanced Night Repair.( In the day time use anti aging Jeunesse Daily Mositurising Complex. (
Kali Holmes How the foods give you that Supermodel polished skin: Brown Sugar: Exfoliating with a sugar scrub doesn't relax the muscles, the way salt does, but it relaxes the mind with its delicious smell. Sugar is also full of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin and is usually a key ingredient in pricey products. The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protect it from toxins.
Far from clogging the skin, sugar works well to cleanse completely, so it can not only reduce any current body acne you may have, it can also help prevent further breakouts. Sugar moisturizes on its own, but as most sugar scrub recipes require oil or honey to help form a paste, it provides even further moisture and allows your skin to achieve more of its natural balance. Kali Holmes
Macadamia Nut Oil: Moisturizing: Macadamia nut oil has a high content of palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid that is similar to the skin's sebum, which tends to decrease naturally with aging. Using macadamia nut oil can help fight the dryness as a natural moisturizer and is absorbed by the skin quickly.
Kali Holmes Toning: Like olive oil, macadamia nut oil is rich with antioxidants and is especially high in vitamin E. Vitamin E improves the appearance of scars, tones the skin and prevents stretch marks.
Exfoliation: When used as a carrier oil in creating a body scrub, macadamia nut oil also provides many benefits in exfoliation. Mixing the oil with essential oils for fragrance and a natural exfoliant (brown sugar, salt, etc.) creates a product that keeps skin clear. Vanllia Essence:
Kali Holmes Purely used for added scent and relaxation.
Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum:
(Please click link here for information on where to purchase this stunning serum and all other Jeunesse products mentioned in this blog: Holmes
  • Specially formulated with patent pending technology to restore luminosity, firmness, and smoothness of the skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep facial wrinkles
  • Avoid risky cosmetic procedures by opting for a non-invasive, less aggressive alternative
  • Delays the appearance of the aging process
  • Penetrates deep to restore skin’s natural protein levels
  • All natural and hypoallergenic–paraben free
  • Contains a natural wrinkle filler that preserves elasticity and firmness
  • Replenishes skin’s natural stores of growth factors and proteins that can become depleted with age
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
Check this space to find out more anti aging tips guaranteed to replenish you with maximum energy and youth after your long day jabbering away, building your network ensuring to keep the swing of momentum in your business in full throttle!

BIO-INSURANCE…A NEW kind of insurance policy.

As my primary business in network marketing is Jeunesse – the worlds first and only skin care derived from Adult Human Stem Cells plus the most advanced ingestible anti aging pills ever, I sure have conceived a whole new take on the words of that song “forever young!” Beauty has always and always will be in the foreground of my life and sharing secrets and tips to others to reverse the signs of age and staying slim and trim is what I do on a daily basis. Never before in a network marketing company have I come across such a remarkable product, with no competition and light years ahead if there ever was to be. Dr Giampappa, one of the scientists who developed the anti aging tablets AM PM, known as “Star Trek Medicine” because it is about 20years beyond where they thought they would be, also performs stem cell reconstructive therapy.  AM PM has 4 amazing components to it. 1.  Telomere Maintenance complex 2. Stem Cell Maintenance Comples. 3. DNA Repair 4. Calorie Restriction Mimetics and Gene Expression.  ( ) The following video I am sharing with you today gives a very informative over view of what stem cells are and how they have the ability to be so powerful in healing your body and used to treat disease. Recent scientific studies published in peer reviewed medical journals have shown that stem cells from your own bone marrow can treat some cancers, lupus, diabetes, stroke, alzheimer's, and arthritis.

The amazing anti aging business, Jeunesse, that I am so ecstatic to be in and to have actively been involved in the business development of and pre-launch events leading up to Australia’s national launch in Sydney on March the 17th is all about this remarkable scientific break though in cosmetics.  The pioneers in the industry have cracked the code to unleash the availability of an amazing topical skin treatment of an 85% active face serum that is derived from adult human stem cells. The active component in the serum isn’t actually stem cells as they could not possibly survive in this environment for starters, but is in-fact ‘200+ human growth factor.’ Human growth factor heels the body and when put on the face via a serum and in the mositurisers, we are able to achieve miracle results, almost instantaneously. Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles in 24hours, 24hour skin hydration, healing burns and scar victims to state a few of the little wonders of this product. I cannot live without my anti aging serum! (
Adult Human Stem Cell

Adult Human Stem Cell

My superstar team are booming and we would like to welcome leading anti aging doctor, Dr Robin Willcourt who is opening a prestigious anti aging clinic in Melbourne’s South Yarra. His knowledge is so extensive in all things youthful and beautiful and is so passionate about helping people to find confidence through youth from the inside out and the outside in!
Dr Robin and Meredith Willcourt - North Adelaide

Dr Robin and Meredith Willcourt - North Adelaide

Why Jeunesse? Why Bio Insurance? Well, makes perfect sense to me. It is becoming a growing trend to store your stem cells in a stem bank for a rainy day should one ever come, as the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. I sure would rather play it safe than be sorry and have a premature death, when their was that possibility of the collection of my stored stem cells had I ‘done it’.
Adipose derived adult human stem cells.

Adipose derived adult human stem cells.

Jeunesse is a brilliant new and vibrant network marketing company, ensuring success and rewards through one of the best compensation plans around. They use cutting edge technology with the most advanced products in anti aging and will continue to lead the way on the forefront of global trends in this field. So, go on, “freeze a bit of yourself in time” with Jeunesse either as a business or from using the products as preservation against aging.

Successful Network Marketers NEVER NEVER NEVER give up! EVER!

  Adelaide Network Marketers are incredible. (Being based in Adelaide at present – I feel it is fair to make this claim) They have such passion and drive and being such a small town if you can form a great team here, you can sell ice to eskimo’s. I love network marketing and all that this industry entails but what happens when your body stops and your mind keeps going? How do you come across enthusiastically in your presentations, to be able to motivate and uplift your team when you are dead as a door knob? YOU are the driving force behind your team and need to show that you are up-tempo and ready for them at all times.  Sometimes  this crash and blah feeling is known as burnt out… I think… I feel exactly that this weekend. The last 20 days have been chaotic in a good way. My team have recruited some amazing network marketing leaders and we are growing at such a rapid pace, I am so proud of everyone’s efforts. What I have realized though is if you take on too much and attempt to be everything and everywhere for everyone you soon are no good to no one. Really think before you do take on another project or squeeze in another social event. What are your priorities? After a massive rest and sleeping last night for what felt like an eternity I woke up, thinking I was still asleep, to this MOTIVATIONAL video that one of my team members Frank sent me:  please watch and share your “shift” in “Cant do it, want to give up” thoughts to "hell yes, i can!" below.

Amazing video right? Well the point is anyway – (Not just the footy player!) Instnatly – ( I think after he crossed the first line – or maybe at the point when he was blind folded!) those panic stricken thought lingering in my mind that I am burning from defeat of myself from taking on too much vanished and I felt energized. I will do it all because it is what has to be done and people are depending on ME to follow through.  One must prioritize what events, list of to do’s are the most important, of value and do those first. Everything else can wait. YOU are important, that is number one on the list. YOU must be energized, that is number two. 3, 4, 5, 6 is everything else and how you place them. It is amazing where we find the energy inside to fulfill things and although time seems against us and we think we no longer can, it hurts too much to keep moving forward, we do have 24hours in a day (as my girlfriend Cass reminded me this week!) and should use those hours wisely. If the guy in the video can do all THAT!!!... Then surely I will arrive well prepared by my deadlines. Network Marketing is such a rewarding industry, but manage your time well and stay on top of your game. Motivation is a key element. Please share your motivational tools with others here!

Why I, Kali Holmes, love MLM so much.

MLM allows me so much freedom in life. What a fabulous weekend of parading, acting and modeling at Crush Wine Festival. The best part about my network marketing business is the lifestyle it provides me to live my passion rather than living to work. I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and in turn I fulfill mine. Acting and fashion being my passions, I have the flexibility to be able to attend casting calls at the drop of a hat, I don’t have to ask permission from my “boss” to leave work and have a half day off  for castings or even if I may “excuse my self to go to the toilet or lunch!”

Sunday was Crush Wine Festival in the Adelaide Hills. As you may (or may not) know, I frequently model for Liebe Fashion Gallery, owned by my dear friend Cassandra Liebeknecht. She is an amazing stylist and entrepreneur and I just love her events. Our parades are often theatrical and entertaining. For Crush, we were required to parade at Johnston’s Winery Oakbank.

Cass styled our beautiful Rachel’s Model Management Models and I also made an appearance at Tilbrook Estate at Lobethal as the character “Miss Moneypenny” James Bond’s girl. The theme at Tilbrook was James Bond and cleverly named “Licensed To Chill.”  The little story behind this theme originated around the most recent sparkling wine that James has made. James is the owner of Tilbrook Estate with his wife Annabelle.

James Tilbrook’s mother used to work for British Intelligence and in honour of her he named this delicious sparkling wine “Moneypenny.” Rumour has it that James’s phone number even has “007 in it!  James and I had a fabulous afternoon hanging around, in and out of our getaway car, Aston Martin DB9,  and of course welcoming guests with champagne tasting on arrival and sharing an entertaining story or two.

My day all up was spent mingling with new people who are now prospects and expressed interest in my MLM business. While I am enjoying my passions in life, I am working my MLM business. The lifestyle that Network Marketing provides me is freedom to live in my passion and help others to do so as well. Tell me another industry that allows you that kind of freedom to chose when you want to work for the amount of money you would like to make? Didn’t think you could… Network Marketing is the only business that TRULY allows a residual income and the freedom that this type of income provides!


How creative are our thoughts? I wanted to share with you today and help you to realize that every thought you have in your conscious mind becomes engrained into your subconscious mind and goes to work to manifest into your reality. Be that a positive or negative thought, your thoughts will 100% manifest into reality so be very specific what it is you ask for. CAUTION: if thinking negatively, these thoughts are geared with more power than positive thoughts and manifest 10X faster, in fact almost so instantly, its scary and adding to that you wont know when they will manifest, but they surely will. Looking back to the positive thoughts, this is why it is absolutely critical that if you are planning a goal for example, lets say that your goal is to make $10,000 a month or to lose 5kg, if you do not set a date and time in which you would like to achieve that goal, you may reach it, but yet again it could be 10yrs time, 10months time or a lifetime, you may never even get there! If you think negatively for example “I cant do this”, “I am such a failure”, “i am so unlucky, nothing great ever comes to me”, “everytime I go to the mail box there are more bills” etc, you WILL CREATE events of this kind in your life. And it will not be pleasant. SO BLOW those thoughts up in your mind, visualize the negative words, images thoughts shattering into a million little pieces or disintegrating like dust so they are no longer available to your subconscious mind for manifestation.

You must be careful of your language use too. For instance if you say to your 10year old child carrying your favorite crystal vase, “don’t drop that, you will break it if your not careful!” Sure enough, the mind focuses on the negative words “ drop, break, not careful” first and 9 times out of 10 what happens? Breakage occurs. Instead I would say “hold onto that vase carefully please” and the childs mind will more often than not focus on “holding carefully”. Get it? Great, now go and focus on the positive parts of your life and change what is negative using positive language. Even if at first it doesn’t seem real/true, your mind doesn’t know the difference, it believes what ever you tell it, that’s why you MUST speak and think with positive thoughts ONLY!

Building Momentum

Don’t take your pedal off the metal!

A friend of mine once told me that building momentum is like push starting a car, not really fun to begin with sometimes…. You get out, you take position behind it and start by pushing that car, its too hard, you think I’m never going to get anywhere what the hell am I doing this for?(Then you have one of those light bulb moments and remember “Oh that’s right – I’ve got places to
go, people to see, things to do!”) So you persist, and “Wow!”, persistence pays off, you get a little bit of movement and away you go…… Once the wheels are in motion it becomes easier. BUT you have to keep pushing, keep moving as the car is heavy and the minute you stop pushing that’s it. You now start over, from the very beginning! And then you find yourself again, finding the strength to get that darn car rocking, and once again, then the wheels slowly start turning and the pace increases. Its bloody hard work! (Not that I have had to push to many cars, to get them moving, that’s what men are for or mechanics and toe trucks, but I can recall one time sitting in the front seat while 4 boys were pushing behind as we tried to gather momentum to get the darn car clicking over…I thought it was OK, bet they have a different story!)
Momentum is what is required to build your business. Momentum is created by sharing your story with other people. Never pre-qualify anyone! This may involve (dare I say it….) picking up the phone and talking to someone on the end of it. You need a good source of leads to generate a steady residual income. The picking up of the phone, introducing yourself and your business, getting your story perfect and creating impact in that first 30-60 seconds is critical. Then following up. If you fail in any of these steps, leave your follow ups to long, you stop your rocking and rolling of the vehicle, you will have to start again. Every day talk to at least 10 quality leads and share your story. Then book appointments to present to groups and be time efficient. Tip: NEVER pre-qualify anyone. Those who you think will join you wont and those you think wont will! Have fun pushing your car or keep your pedal to the metal, I know what I’ll be doing!