Whats ‘her’ story?

Kali Holmes….. is a passionate business developer who ….. third person talk …. Ugh!

Be the person you want to be because there are 2 realities in life. Reality one (the one that you are in and no one else ever will be because there is only ONE UNIQUE YOU), how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, and reality 2 (the one that EVERYONE else is in and gives you grief from) how the world perceives and JUDGES us, and that we have limited control over. All that we experience is recorded as we plod along, doing our do, being mapped out on lets say something like an artists canvas. Each individuals 'canvas' is an invisible canvas to the rest of the world unless we have engaged and shared moments through time in which then they can view that much of your picture.

Ok, so you get the spiritual stuff…..

Kali Mission….. My mission is to connect with millions of people, entrepreneurs like yourself, globally, to empower and enrich lives and see those people go on to reach out to others and do the same.

Kali Business….. Relationship marketing. Residual income. Stem Cell Technology. Adult HUMAN stem cells meets cosmetics and Nutrigenomix (Star Trek Nutrition), is cutting edge and a step above the rest. I like the idea of my ageing clock operating (barely) at a very, very, very, slow, almost non existent pace…..So I went to the first ever Adelaide pre launch event and the rest is history. Best decision I made in 2011!

"Empowering people to take control and action in their lives so they can have more time, money and freedom is my main priority."

"Helping entrepreneurs create wealth from the inside out and the outside in."

Kali Nutritious..... Someone is always more beautiful, someone always has less body fat, more muscle mass and we remind ourselves that we can always do better. Society will always be critical of this.

"I would like to point out that I hate the word ‘diet’ it makes me cringe."

Having competed in the INBA as a sports model (in a previous life) I understand the equal importance of training efficiently in the gym, organised meal planning, and rest to gain results. Advice to women out there fearing bulking up. It is impossible unless you take drugs.

"Discipline and consistency is the key."

Kali Holmes

The Greatest Wealth Is Health..... Ever wondered how often your cells regenerate?Intestinal lining 2 to 30 daysSkin 21 to 30 daysRed blood cells 90 to 120 daysThe pancreas 5 to 12 monthsMuscles 6 months to 3 yearsTissues 1 to 7 yearsBones 8 months to 4 yearsJust imagine, within a few days to a few years you are building a whole new YOU!

Kali Model/Actress.....Creative outlet, my time away from time. As an aspiring actress constantly challenged with character development in scripts, whether I like it or not, I’m always arriving at a deeper awareness of compassion, truth and understanding for who and what people (including myself!) are about.

$500,000 Gown + $500,000 Diamonds = Million Dollar Gal.

"Considering pink diamonds are a girls best friend and i don't intend on getting married anytime soon, I would rather buy my own diamonds, live a vain and materialistic life." - Kali Holmes Model

Believe it or not, humans are actually born with truth (get your head around that!?) and an unscripted life, to write as they wish. Yet are conditioned to conceal feelings and emotion that reveal who we really are. Acting is the reverse. A character is already written into a script, yet is emotionless until the actor breathes truth and life into it.

"This brings me back to my point at the very beginning, just BE YOURSELF."